Friday, 26 August 2011

Best back cover of a Book


Dear Osama they want you dead of alive so the terror will stop. Well I wouldn't know about that I mean rock n roll didn't stop when Elvis dies on the khaze it just got worse.Next thing you know there was Sonny and Cher and Dexy's Midnight Runners. I'll come to them later. My point is it's easier to start these things then to finish them. I suppose you thought of that did you?
There's a reward of 25 million dollars on your hear but don't lose sleep on my account Osama. I mean just supposing I did see you driving a Nissan Primera down towards shoreditch and grassed you to the old bill. Well, I wouldn't know how to spend 25 millon dollars. It's not as if i've got anyone to spend it on since you blew up my husband and my boy....

This is a book I came across at work recently by Chris Cleave..the back cover really caught my attention, and shows the best possible way of using the book cover to entice a reader.. great graphics on the front with a very witty passage on the back!

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