Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M -The Experience

Excitement over Versace for H&M has been building for weeks.
As a lover of bling and cheap designer swag- library diva was determined
to be as close to the beginning of the queue as possible.

Here is my Versace Diary.

7am- get up

7.15am- get dressed and run out the door.

7.30am - meet my friend at the luas and head towards Dundrum.

7.45am- Get in line outside H&M.  Two members of staff are there to greet us.
We're given wristbands and are told that we are in the second group of shoppers to get
into the pen.  Twenty shoppers are allowed in at any one time.  Everyone is given 10mins
to do a 'supermarket sweep' and pick up a maximum of 7 items.  Only one size of garment
can be bought.  If the wrong size is chosen, staff will do an exchange for you in store, if that size
is available.

8am- Wrist bands firmly on we head to MacDonalds for breakfast.

8.55am- Return to the queue, in time to see the first group of shoppers enter the ring.  The
excitement in the queue is palpable.  Some of the security guards look bemused by the whole
thing.  Although, myself and my buddy arrived over an hour before the doors opened, we were
by no means the earliest.  One lady with a buggy (yes she brought her baby) had slept outside the shop
overnight in order to be at the top of the queue.  You will undoubtedly see her picture in the paper.

9.20am - Extreme shopping is called for when you only have ten minutes to mull over and grab what you
want before you head for the changing rooms.  I try on a black studded top and a turquoise dress.
My friend tries on a purple dress and a silk fringe dress.  I love the black studded top-definitely a keeper.
Would look class with black skinny jeans and gold heels.  The turqoise dress is not great, the lenght is
a little too short for my liking and the cut isn't very flattering-not great on the tummy.
My friend wasn't enamoured by the two dresses she tried on. 

9.30am - Pay for my black studded top 40euro and accessories 20 euro.
My friend got a bracelet for 25 euro.  Winner.

I was very impressed by how the shop ran the event.  Because people were given numbered
wristbands and a maximum of twenty shoppers were allowed to shop in the Versace section
at any one time, things didn't get too crazy.  I had been expecting cat fights over clothes, but that
didn't happen.  The staff did really well in bringing stock back to the shelves after it had been tried on
and discarded.
The stock in the Versace range was good but not great.  The scarves, bags and accessories were georgeous.
The top i got was lovely but the dresses weren't wonderful.  The materials used were not the most
flattering and the sizing was off.  I heard one very skinny woman say that she had to get a size 16 and there
was no way in hell she was a size 16.  Unfortunately, Dublin did not get everything in the Versace for H&M range which was a shame.  I would have loved to have seen the leather jackets and shoes.

Now, onto River Island to get those skinny jeans i've had my eye on for ages....

Here is (stolen) picture of the top i bought

Here is another stolen picture of the turquoise dress i tried on and discarded

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Versace for H&M

Hurray! The event i have been eagerly awaiting for two weeks is finally here.
Versace have designed a line of clothing for H&M which goes on sale in stores
and online tomorrow.  Best of all, clothes are at H&M prices, Woohoo!
I have my eye on a black top with metallic detail for 35euro.  You better not get
there before me!
Doors open at 9am, get there early before its all gone.
To get a preview of the bling go to:

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Two Shoes tonite!

X factor hopefuls Two shoes are playing in Dandelion tonite.  Think The only way is Essex,
So expect big hair, lots of fake tans and tons of attitude.
Doors open at 11 and tickets cost 12 euro.
Library Diva is very excited as she was team Two Shoes
Promises to be a fun night....

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Launch night for Damien O'Reilly

Can't wait to see Damien O'Reilly's first Solo exhibition which will be launching
Friday the 18th November at 6pm in the Mad Art gallery.
Art and free wine, what more could you want from a Friday night.
All are welcome!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Launch of stillorgan library

Last Friday saw the launch of Stillorgan library.  The event which was hosted by Branch
Librarian Ann Millane saw the library officially re-opened by Leas Comhairle Jane Dillon
Byrne.  The Leas Comhairle proved to be a engaging and witty speaker and entertained the
community filled audience with the tale of how stillorgan library got a temporary portacabin
for 35 years but that is county councils for you!
The humble portacabin has now been transformed into a state of the art community ammenity with
self-service machines, a bright open plan and wheelchair accessibility.

Around 100 members of the community, library staff and council officials turned up
for  canapes, wine, live music and special guest speaker Monica McInerney. 
Monica McInerney is the author of 10 books which deal with families, life, love and everything in between.
Having lived in Australia, Britain and Ireland, this talented author has a unique take
on the everyday themes which affect us all.  In a refreshing and at times hillarious speech,
she gave the audience her tips on how to read more.  Here are the ones I remember.

1. Bring a book everywhere- while your waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, waiting
to pick the kids up from school, life provides many moments in which you can read.

2. Open your mind to different types of books- If you always read Thrillers try a romance.
If you always read classics, try a contemporary writer.

3. Get to know you local librarian or book seller.  These people are professionals and can
help you find a book you will like.

4. If you are struggling with a book or are not enjoying it, stop reading it and start reading
something else.  Don't let one bad experience put you off for life.

Monica McInerney signed copies of her new novel 'Lola's Secret' in the library.
These books were supplied by Dubray bookstore located in the Stillorgan shopping centre.

To find out more about Stillorgan library and the other libraries in Dunlaoghaire-Rathdown
go to
To read more about Monica McInerney go to
For a list of Dubray stores, their best sellers and promotions click on

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Library Diva is Back!

Blog posts are a bit like buses- you wait ages for one and then three come along
at once.  Library diva has been hitting the books and assignment deadlines have
taken precedence over blogging notes.  That is not to say that, that i didn't miss
you immensely, Indeed your absense from my life was keenly felt.
Here is a recap of what i got up to over the last couple of weeks:

Had a very gay weekend in Brighton.

Shopped till i dropped in Dundrum- love my new dress from Oasis- sparkleicious!

Went to see the fabulous Patrick Wolf in the academy- He is amazingly talented-
check out 'the city' on you tube for a taster of what he's about.

Went back home to Galway for the weekend where i sipped coffee and
browsed the bookshelves of the hungry worm in Loughrea and
took afternoon tea in the G hotel- Fabulous!

Attended the launch of Bow and Pearl's Autumn/Winter collection- too tempting
for words!

Library diva can't wait for the launch of Stillorgan library tomorrow evening- if you
can't make it i will be blogging and tweeting from the event- Chat soon! X