Tuesday, 31 January 2012

10 reasons to love being single

A pre-valentines day reminder to myself....

1. Being able to spend more time with your friends.

2. More time to pursue new interests.

3. Not having to take his likes/dislikes into account when choosing  a holiday.

4.  More cocktail nights on the town with your friends.

5. Being able to watch whatever sappy film you want unimpeded.

6. Not having to shave your legs all the time (gross but true)

7. Not stressing/worrying over status of relationship- are things going too fast/too slow/anywhere.

8. Being able to kiss random boys on nights out.

9.  Being able to get random piercings/tattoos without wondering whether your other half likes them.

10. Money saved on romantic mini-breaks can be used to buy shoes/bags/dresses etc...

I quite like my list, if anyone out there is happily single, send me your list of why its fabulous to be single :)

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