Monday, 1 August 2011

Shopping on a shoestring

Library Diva is in need of a shopping fix, but after 2 months of gigs, festivals and weekends away
funds are slow.  Is it possible to get jeans, tops, dresses and 2 pairs for shoes and socks for under
200 euro?

Shopping List
Tops for work
Flip Flops
Shoes for work

200 euro


Irish Cancer Society: Located in Rathmines, this charity shop is a gem for bags and dresses.
Today i picked up a brand new Urban Outfitters tunic for 8 euro and a summer sweater for 3 euro.
Total spend 11 euro.  Number of items 2.

Enable Ireland: Camden street branch.  Today I picked up a green river island short sleeved
sweater for 6.95 euro.
Total spend: 6.95 euro. Number of items: 1.

Irish Cancer Society:  Known for its eye-catching window displays, this Georges street shop is
always buzzing with activity.  Vogue favourite NYD's tummy tuck jeans cost 6 euro.
Total spend: 6 euro.  Number of Items: 1.

Oxfam:  A large vintage section and close proximity to boutiques and high street shops
ensures a large quantity of high quality goods to peruse.  A brand new Vera Moda
black cocktail dress was bought for 15 euro. 
Total spend 15 euro.  Number of Items: 1.

H&M: 1 pair of black leggings was purchased to pair with my new tunic.
Total spend: 6.95 euro.  Number of items: 1.

So far, so good, have managed to acquire jeans, tunics, tops and a cocktail dress for

So far so good, I have managed to acquire jeans, jumpers, tunic, dress, leggings for 46 euro.
Score Mor! However, i still need to buy 2 pairs of shoes and having size 9 foot means that I
often have to pay over 100 euro for one pair of shoes.  This means that i avoid buying shoes
until the soles are falling out of them!
Luckily for me Cinderella shoes, a specialised large shoe boutique are having an end of season sale. woohoo!

Cinderella Shoes: 1 pair of flip flops was purchased for 20 euro and a pair of court shoes
was bought for 30 euro.
Brilliant! I have everything on my shopping list for under 100 euro! This means i have
only spent half my budget. Yippee, for being such a good girl, i definitely deserve a treat, so
i bought a pair of fantastically sexy red high heels for 70 euro :)
Verdict: Its definitely possible to dress stylishly on a budget.  However, to thrift shop you need
to have the time and the energy to rifle through rails of ill fitting, out of fashion clothes to get
that perfect piece.

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  1. Great post've given me lots of great ideas for thrifty shopping next time I'm in Dublin :)