Friday, 6 May 2011

library diva gets her dress!

    Avid readers may remember my preoccupation with a particular dress,  The dress.  A dress which became much more that cloth and stitching for me.  An obsession which consumed far too much time and energy than is really healthy.  Avid readers may also recall my disappointment when my correspondence with the dress designer halted abruptly.  After the rejection, i decided that maybe me and the dress were not meant to be.  There would be another dress for me, and there was.  A lovely long 1970's dress which i purchased at the vintage fair in Dunlaoghaire last month.  I comforted myself that maybe the bombshell dress wasn't as pretty as i thought it was, and besides it was far too expensive, costing 5 or 6 times more than my other dresses!
Last week the dress designer e-mailed me back.  She had my dress in stock, in my size and was ready to send it over.  I ignored the e-mail for a few days, I had another dress now, i didn't need her dress.  My 1970's dress was enough for me, or was it.
Last night i was on-line and bored, so on a whim i googled the dress.  It turns out my obsession, the bombshell dress is a bit of a phenomenon.  Apparently Nigella lawson bought 12 bombshell dresses in different colours last year, and sparked a 'fashion explosion'.  This fashion phenomenon completely passed me by at the time,but i had to admit Nigella looked awesome.  This got me thinking, maybe the dress was worth the price, after all, i am in my mid 20's now, nigella is 50.  If i can wear the dress at every possible occasion for the next 20-30 years it will have paid for itself! The ultimate in investment shopping. conclude, i  have decided to purchase the dress.  In hot pink.  Just like one of Nigellas.
If you want to read more about my dress (Yipee!) click on the link

Here is a picture of the lovely Nigella wearing my guna :)

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