Monday, 29 August 2011

Zombie Squirrels and One Liners: My adventures at the Edinburgh Fringe

Zombie Squirrels and One Liners: My adventures at the
Edinburgh Fringe
Lyndsey Connell
It’s the 20th August 2011. The sun is blazing, the streets are thronged and I am more than a little sleep deprived. I am in Edinburgh with my friends Jacqui and Clare and within minutes we have decided that we are going to pack in our jobs and move to this pretty, sunny energy-filled city. Maybe we wouldn’t have felt the same had we landed on a bitterly cold, wet, miserable day in November, but for now, we are on our holidays and there are sights to see and shows to attend!
Our first day contained only one show, and I shall not speak of it as it was an utter shambles. Let me tell you though- the shambolic ones only increase your appreciation for the well thought out and entertaining ones. I will try not to bore you too much and give you instead the Highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe According to Me.
Celebrity Stalking
Of course that’s a joke! I would never stalk anyone! Ever! Honest….
Anyway, if you were so inclined, being that pretty much every comedian in the UK and Ireland decamp to Edinburgh (as well as hundreds of other performers) for the month of August, this is the time and place to indulge. Gasp as you spot Paul Merton walking back from the loos in the Pleasance Courtyard! Gape as you clock David O’Doherty walking down the street! Faint with excitement as you notice Anneka Rice in the window of a restaurant you’re passing by!
All that’s pretty impressive right? Well prepare to puke with jealousy when I tell you that we met and had our photo taken with Tim Vine after his show in the Pleasance AND met and had our photo taken with Dave Gorman (my second favourite Jewish comedian) Both lovely, both absolute gentlemen.
Recovered from that? Then it’s time to let you in on another:
Lashings and Lashings of Ginger Beer!
What can you drink when the Bulmers Pear Cider tastes distinctly of apple? When beer is making your tummy upset? Why, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer of course! And, no, I am not being paid by the company to advertise its tasty beverage (more’s the pity). To our delight, fizzy gingery goodness was available in most pubs and if you have any respect for your tastebuds I urge you to join me in campaigning to bring these bottles of happiness to every pub in Dublin. You have the power!

The public. I deal with them every day in my job. They’re the worst. Really. They are awful. Obnoxious, self-important, boorish gits, every single one. Did I encounter such horrors in Edinburgh? Happily, no! I’m not saying they don’t exist, and perhaps if I was working behind one of the many bars, or at the box office, I might have a different story to tell. But considering the population of Edinburgh swells massively during August, to not encounter the worst traits in the general public is pretty impressive, I think. Not to mention, the fun to be had and seriously good tips to be gleaned from chatting to complete strangers. Without doing so I would have missed out on the daft, but extremely enjoyable ‘This is Soap’, not to mention the sublime Luke Wright’s Cynical Ballads.

Graveyard Tour
This doesn’t have anything to do with the Fringe, and can be done any time you visit the city, but I had to give it a mention as we did it on our last night in Edinburgh and it was the perfect way to end our holiday (and contained the zombie squirrels of the title). A mix of historical facts and storytelling, it was a scream (quite literally) and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Our guide (Gerry, with a ‘G’) IS awesome.

I will finish up now with my favourite shows and particularly where the comedians are concerned, if they show up at a venue near you in the future, you should absolutely check them out! I will definitely be making a return visit next year- maybe I’ll see you there?
Barry and Stuart: Show and Tell

The Tim Vine Chat Show

Dave Gorman: Powerpoint Presentation

Luke Wright’s Cynical Ballads

Joe Wilkinson: My Mum’s Called Stella and My Dad’s Called Brian  

Friday, 26 August 2011

Flayed by the Fleadh!

Flayed by The Fleadh
Dympna Reilly 

Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann 2011 was officially over last Monday night. But as I left it on Tuesday trad music still twirled on the night air. Die hard revellers determined to drain every last drop hovered round pub doorways as the odd player with giddy gait hustled by them music case in hand still hungry for tunes. Time may have been called Fleadh 2011 but it wasn’t buried just yet.

The annual Fleadh Cheoil is organised by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, an organisation established to promote Irish music, culture and language. For ten days during the Fleadh there are workshops, performances, concerts and competitions.

Cavan has been its home for the last two years and is bidding to host it for a third time in 2012. In its’ 60 year existence the Fleadh has travelled all over the country from Listowel to Letterkenny. It is estimated it will generate over €30 million for the local economy as over a quarter of a million people poured into Cavan last weekend.

The pubs were so crammed on Saturday night you couldn’t turn a sweet in your mouth. Hordes of people took to the streets for a breath of fresh air and an earful of tunes. Trad heads mad for music flitted round the town as texts told of a session flying in this pub or the next. Newcomers caught the Fleadh bug. Regular Fleadh goers caught some tunes eventually by playing the waiting game and staying for Sunday and Monday night. Stories were told of the drunkest/most obnoxious/ broadest/ prettiest person in the pub stunning everyone into silence with some of the most beautiful music and/or singing you’ve ever heard.

The Fleadh has its share of Aran sweaters and purists but banish any ideas you may have of a staid scene. There were plays, pageants, art exhibitions, storytelling and quirky asides like (I kid you not) the West Cavan Trad/Samba band. Cavan Obscura by local artist Siobhan Harton was another highlight. She transformed a double decker bus into a camera obscura. It was a feast for the senses as the blacked out bus provided wonderfully warped views and sounds of Cavan travelling through the town and its environs.
Boats ferried people across a lake to an island with castle ruins to listen to ghost stories. There were walking tours, flash mobs, lectures, lilting. But the Fleadh’s ultimate Father Ted moment occurred when hundreds of people took part in a Guinness Record attempt for brush dancing- worth checking out

When you wake up at six in the morning on a campsite at other festivals it’s cos someone is havin a whizz on and/or setting fire to your tent. At the Fleadh it’s cos some loon Scot is belting out the bagpipes. With the session at full tilt as other musicians join in you may decide to get up to check it out- but bewarned even if diddly-ei isn’t your scene don’t expect to get back to bed for a few days. Fleadh 2011 is dead, long live the Fleadh.

Best back cover of a Book


Dear Osama they want you dead of alive so the terror will stop. Well I wouldn't know about that I mean rock n roll didn't stop when Elvis dies on the khaze it just got worse.Next thing you know there was Sonny and Cher and Dexy's Midnight Runners. I'll come to them later. My point is it's easier to start these things then to finish them. I suppose you thought of that did you?
There's a reward of 25 million dollars on your hear but don't lose sleep on my account Osama. I mean just supposing I did see you driving a Nissan Primera down towards shoreditch and grassed you to the old bill. Well, I wouldn't know how to spend 25 millon dollars. It's not as if i've got anyone to spend it on since you blew up my husband and my boy....

This is a book I came across at work recently by Chris Cleave..the back cover really caught my attention, and shows the best possible way of using the book cover to entice a reader.. great graphics on the front with a very witty passage on the back!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Festival Clothes Swap Tonight!

There is a festival clothes swap tonight in the Greenhouse on St. Andrew's Street.
Its 5 euro in with a free cocktail- How fabulous dahling.  Its on from 7-10 pm and you can
bring your own booze.  Cheap way to update your wardrobe and get the night started at
the same time.....

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sunday Funday!

Excuse the cheesy title, its the best i could come up with im afraid!
Here is a roundup of the best places to go in the dublin surrounds when
you need to get out of the city and into the fresh air.

Wander up the pier to Joyce's tower, where Mr. James Joyce found his inspiration,
Take a dip in the forty foot or meander around the Sunday farmers market in the people's park.
Only 30 Mins away from the city, with breath taking scenery and an abundance of
cafes and restaurants, Dun laoghaire is the perfect place to spend a sunday afternoon.
Over the Summer the area morphs into festival central- from chalk festivals to classical music
in the park, there is something going  on every weekend.
Coming up soon is the Dublin bay Taste and music festival from the 25th- 28th August.
This is followed by the Mountains to sea book festival from 1st-11th September.
Check out

A short dart journey out of Dublin, Howth is the fishing and yachting capital
of Dublin.  Take a walk on the pier or a hike up the nearby mountains.
Alternatively kick back and relax with a coffee or tapas in one of the
prom side restaurants.

Another excuse to hop on the dart! visit this cute and quirky seaside town
for a swim or a sunbathe.  Feeling adventurous? Last sunday I walked cliff side
walk from bray to greystones, the views were amazing! I finished the day by hopping
on the dart back to Bray for fish and chips in the beach house restaurant.  Yummy!

St. Kevin's bus leaves from Dawson street twice a day and takes you into the heart of
wicklow mountains.  A peaceful idyll, Library Diva strongly recommends that everyone visits Glendalough
and takes a walk around the beautiful unspoilt landscape. Visit the lake and monastic settlement, have a picnic in the mountains and go on a walking trail.  Trails range from gentle strolls to challenging hikes
into the Wicklow way.  If your lucky, you might catch the brilliant Alan bailey dressed up in Medieval
gear, playing the bag pipes.  Well worth seeing.  There are no cafes or restaurants around Glendalough
so pack some sandwiches and bring a flask.
For transport information and bus timetables check out

Dublin Mountains:
Rugged, unspoilt landscape, perfect for a drive, a hike or a cycle.
The views are spectacular and so close to the city.  After a long
hike, pop into Johnny Foxes the highest pub in Ireland for a dinner
and a pint. Perfect.

Other places to visit:
Not in the mood to go very far out of town?
Coco Markets in Marley park and the people's park dun laoghaire are worth a look.
On Saturday there is a market in Temple bar which is pretty good, alternatively wander into
the iveagh gardens

Saturday, 20 August 2011

100 Euro Challenge; Week 3; Day 3

100 Euro Challenge;  Week 3;  Day 3

Bus to work and home: 3.70
Food: 9.00
Gym in Rathmines : 6.00


Verdict: Today it was difficult to keep from spending the pennies, especially as I chose to go to the gym and not run outdoors. This means I have to be thrifty over the weekend..a difficult task as i'm going to a friends house tomo evening for dinner.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thrifty Threads Tour of Dublin from Temple Bar to Ranelagh

Need to update your wardrobe but low on cash?  Heres the definitive guide of where to
go in Dublin.....

Shotsy Vintage:
Fabulous new vintage shop in Temple lane south, Temple bar
Follow the blog
or check them out on

Lucy's Lounge:
Located in the centre of temple bar, Lucy's lounge is a myriad
of treasures and curiosities.  For a preview of whats on offer check
out the blog

Vintage boutique on Wicklow street.   Check out their website

Om Diva
Vintage boutique and sewing academy on Drury Street.
Browse their vintage clothing or learn to update your
existing wardrobe at their sewing classes.  Library diva
loved the  'sip and stitch' course and the 'learn to love your
machine' workshops.  Check om diva out on Facebook.

Located on Drury street this granny's attic of a shop has everything from Hats to shoes,
Dresses to trousers from the 1920's to the 1990's. 

Beaux Bows
Georges street arcade.  Cute as a button clothes and accessories.  This relatively new boutique
stocks Irish designers such as Chupi.  Look Beaux bows up on facebook.

Georges Street, this branch of Oxfam holds quality vintage apperal at rock down
prices.  Brides to be should take a look at their wedding collection.

Enable Ireland:
Located on George's Street, this shop boasts the best dressed window on the
charity shop circuit.

Cancer Society:
Rathmines.  Heaving with clothes and curiosity's.  Library diva picked up a bargain tent
for 8 euro.  Bargaintastic.

Green with Envy:
Rathmines.  Vintage and Art exchange store in Ranelagh.
A relative newcomer to the vintage and art scene.  The shop is run
by the lovely and talented margaret who has made the beautiful painting in the
store. Definitely worth popping in for a browse.
To make some money out of your unwanted clothes, check out

De Ja Vu
Ranelagh village.  New and gently worn designer swap shop.
This shop is run by the lovely Mary McNulty who has a good eye for
what suits the customer.
Library diva recommends engaging in some friendly haggling.

100 Euro Challenge; Week 3; Day 2

100 Euro Challenge;  Week 3;  Day 2

It felt easy to make the challenge today ; spent under 10 euro so very happy with that.. I shopped for all my food at Lidl and made my lunch at work

Bus to work and home: 3.70
Food: 4.86


Verdict: Today the challenged seemed easy to make..on target at under 10 euros spent.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

100 Euro a week challenge - Week 3 Day 1

100 Euro a week challenge - Day 2 

So taking over the 100 Euro challenge from Geraldine is going to be tough. I'm expecting to find it difficult but since i'm not good at budgeting it's a great challenge to try. 
So the week ahead includes working on Saturday; Off on Friday and doing a run in Slane on Sunday, so it will be interesting to see how I do. 

Today got off to an ok start; I shopped for all my food at Lidl and made my lunch at work; a must if i'm going to survive on 100 Euro a day.

Bus to work and home: 3.70
Lunch: 2.58
Dinner: 3.00

Total: 9.28

Verdict: Today got off to a good start. This isn't going to be easy however as I like to use the gym and go out at the weekend but will be on my best behavior!! Looking forward to the challenge now. 

Wanted! Missing Restaurants

Tenors in Donnybrook and Diep noodle in Ranelagh have mysteriously disappeared.
What could be happening to the eateries in south Dublin?
Any information you may have on this case which could lead to their reapparance
would be greatly appreciated
Dinner would be rewarded for their safe return.....

Monday, 15 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- Week 2, Day 7

The final day of my journey, Hurrah!   I gladly pass the blog onto maeve, who will hopefully
manage her budget a little bit better than i have. 

Bus to and from work:                                                                             3.70
Fresh fruit and nuts (Its Monday, im trying to turn over a new leaf):       7 euro 
Total spend :                                                                                          10.70

Total spend this week:  137.93
Verdict:  Total humiliation, am over budget by nearly 40 euro!

I may have failed miserably in the challenge, but i did learn a little about saving money,
Here are my tips for saving a few cent.

1. Bring your lunch to work.  You will save a fortune. 
2. Forget the take away coffee- a jar of instant costs 3 euro.  Go figure.
3. buy fresh food and cook from  scratch.  Instant ready meals and take-aways
eat money.
4.  Try shopping in aldi or lidl for a change, the brands sound funny, but the quality isn't bad
especially for things like frozen veg, cheese and  household cleaners.
5.  Bought my toiletries in lidl/aldi and was surprised by how cheap they were.
6.  Take a look in charity shops, you might be surprised by what you find.  Maeve picked
up a tent for 8 euro in the cancer society shop, Rathmines.
7. Join the library, its free to join and all the books you can read and films you can watch.
8.  Relive your student days and get friends round for drinks before heading out.  Its usually
the best part of the night anyway.
9.  Look out for restaurants that offer early bird deals and are BYOB.  Dublin's library diva
loves Seagrass on portabello bridge, Punjab Balti in Ranelagh and Rotana Cafe, Camden street.
10. Buy yourself something nice with all the money you've saved.

I, Geraldine Whyte, a.k.a Dublin's library diva pledge to support Maeve on her 100 euro
per week challenge.  To live frugally yet stylishly from this day forth.

IMMA 'Twenty'

Stephen Brandes

David Godbold

As part of the celebrations marking the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s 20th anniversary, Twenty, an exhibition featuring twenty artists, opened to the public on the 28th of May. The exhibition presents a younger generation of Irish artists whose work is seen increasingly on the international stage.The show includes installations, photography, painting and sculpture, and featured are artworks from IMMA’s Collection by Orla Barry, Stephen Brandes, Nina Canell, Fergus Feehily, Patrick M FitzGerald, John Gerrard, David Godbold, Katie Holten, Paddy Jolley, Nevan Lahart, Niamh McCann, Willie McKeown, Perry Ogden, Liam O'Callaghan, Niamh O'Malley, Alan Phelan, Garrett Phelan, Eva Rothschild and Corban Walker. The exhibition also features a borrowed piece by Irish artist Sean Lynch. We visited the museum last month to check out the exhibition and have coffee in the museum cafe (charming if pricey!). Highlights of the show included David Godbold's witty drawings and Stephen Brandes work on Linoleum. Definitely worth checking's on till 31st of October.,%20

100euro a week challenge: Week 2, Day 6

As you know, i have gone over budget this week.  However, im still going to log my spending
habits for the next 2 days.  On Tuesday, maeve will be taking over the 100 euro a week challenge,
i will be free to shop without guilt.  Thank god, the pressure of noting down every cent is getting to
me.  Here is what i spent on sunday

Groceries:  8 euro
Hangover cupcakes (essential)  4 euro.

Total spend: 12 euro.

Total spend this week so far:  127.23
Verdict:  Overbudget by 27.23 euro

Sunday, 14 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- week 2, day 5

Deciding that the task ahead of me is impossible, i decide to give up, and relax the
purse strings a little.  Had a lovely day at the rosanna cruthers beauty salon with a friend.
We got a sweedish massage and facial as part of a city deal offer.  Super relaxing, we both
felt like we could sleep like babies afterwards and our skin was left glowing.  Thumbs up!
A delicious meal and glass of wine in Punjab balti followed and then it was back to the house
for a couple of drinks before heading into town to dance the night away in sin e and the workmans

Gym - 6 euro
Credit- 10 euro
Dinner - 25 euro
Dvd rental - 4 euro
Two drinks in town - 11 euro
Nitelink home - 5 euro

Total spend for the day: 61
Total spend this week so far:115.23

Verdict:  Seriously overbudget but totally worth it!
The challenge for the next to days will be damage control!

100 euro a week- Day 4

Library diva is beginning to think that she will not make her target this week,
Needing to eat 3 times a day seems to be getting in the way of my goals!  That and
girls day tomorrow, which im very excited about by the way.  But to be honest,
i don't think il be able to go for dinner and go dancing within budget.

Bus to and from work: 4 euro
Groceries:                    6 euro
Wine:                            6 euro
Total spend                  16 euro
Spend to date:              54.23

That leaves  about 45 euro for the next 3 days. Impossible!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge - week 2, day 3

Gym              6 euro
Groceries:    6.30
Bus to work: 1.85

Total spend: 14.15

Verdict: not too bad
Total spend this week so far: 38.28 euro

100 euro a week challenge, week 2, Day 2

Am very fed up, measly banana sandwich for lunch when everyone else at work got yummy falafels
in the market.  Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, am in danger of turning into a bread monster....

Bus to and from work - 4.00
Toiletries                    -  1.19
Total spend :                  5.20
Verdict:   Yea, was very good spending wise today!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dublin Library Diva challenge - Week 2!

Week 1 may have gone breezily enough, but will I be able to continue my miserly ways for another week?
Especially with a girly day out planned for Saturday, im very scared and will probably be sick of pasta by
the end of it!

Bus to Work: 1.85
Groceries       6.34
Health shop :   5.74
phone credit:   5.00

Total spend for day: 18.93

Verdict:  All essentials, but not a good start to my week!

Dublin Library Diva Challenge - Day 7!

Woohoo! I made it past week one on budget and without becoming a hermit!  Living on a
budget definitely takes organisation- remembering to make lunches the night before,
shopping in budget supermarkets like aldi and lidl rather than going to convenience shops.
I have to say that i did eat very well on the budget and didn't have to resort to junk food
or cereal for dinner any night.  Eating out and coffees fall by the wayside and i haven't had phone
credit since saturday afternoon.  This is the longest i've gone without credit in years!  Socialising takes imagination as dinners out and the pub are a bit out of the question on such a small budget.

Bus to and from work: 3.70
Gym:                            6.00
Groceries:                    1.70

Total spend for the day: 11.40

Total spend for the week: 98.65
 Verdict: Within budget for week 1- Bring on week 2 of the challenge!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- Day 6

Upon hearing of a free classical music event on in the people's park, I roped a few friends into
heading down to Dun laoghaire.  I love Sunday in Dun laoghaire. The Sunday farmers market in the people's park is brilliant, with all sorts of fresh and artisan foods on offer.  After a walk around the market, i like to take a stroll alongthe beautiful east pier or wander up to Joyce's Tower.  Unfortunately, the beauty can be hampered by the less than predictable Irish Weather.  Hungry and wet, we grabbed
lunch in a cafe and thus missed most of  the slovak orchestra that were playing in the people's park.
From what i did hear, they sounded really good, so fingers crossed this event will be repeated again
in sunnier times.

Bus to and from Dun laoghaire: 4.60
Lunch and tea: 8.15
Artisan chocolates: 1.60

Total spend: 14.35
Verdict: Not too bad for a day out with friends.

100 euro a week- Day 5

Saturday is always a toughie budget wise, as i happened to be working this saturday,
the temptation to wander into town in the afternoon and blow all my cash was eliminated.
Am down to 0 euro credit, but am refusing to buy some until next week! Instead of going out,
I entertained at home.  A major problem with sticking to the budget is socialising.  It takes imagination
to exist on very little and not turn into a hermit.
Bus to work: 1.85
Milk and doughnuts: 1.75
Wine: 5.99
Total spend: 9.59 euro
Verdict: Excellent budgetting skills, especially considering its a saturday.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Rathmines Library

Dublin's Library Diva took a visit to the newly renovated Rathmines Library today.
The rather grand carnegie building boasts a music and audition centre, a study and reference
floor, public computers, self-service machines and wheelchair access.  The spacious library has comfortable reading areas and a good selection of books, dvds and cd's.
  This re-opening comes hot on the heels of the re-opening of stillorgan library, proving that the maintenance and up-keepof public libraries is still a priority in recession library.  New to public libraries?  Drop in and check out the books, dvd's, cd's and computer games which are available for renting free of charge.  To find out what your local library has to offer, check out the following links:

100 euro a week - Day 4

Day 4 was not such a good day budget wise.  It is really tough to stick to such meagre means and
not turn into a recluse!  When you have to think twice about going for a cup of coffee with a friend,
you know things are tight.  As one reader pointed out, some people on the dole have to live on this
amount every week which made me stop and think.

Dress from the cancer society in Rathmines- 8 euro. A bit of an extravagance i admit, but
the dress is awesome and i couldn't leave it behind me! Its 80's Madonna crossed with granny
wallpaper, i love it!

Coffee and a cupcake with a friend - 4.65 euro.

Groceries- 6.45 euro

Total spend for the day: 19.10 euro
Total spend this week so far: 63.31
Total amount left for the week: 36.69

Verdict: I think I will manage to make my 100 euro a week challenge, but to be honest,
36.69 euro is not a lot to have for an entire weekend...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

100 euro a week - Day 3

Not such a bad day budget wise today- remembered to bring my lunch and managed to blag a
student cinema ticket to see 'The Guard'.  FYI, wasn't very impressed by the wesht of Ireland, but everyone else seems to like it, so what do i know.

Bus Fare to work: 1.85
Bus fare to town : 2.30
Student ticket to cinema: 6.20

Total spend: 10.35

Verdict: Good recessionary day at last- Hurrah!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

100 Euro a week challenge - Day 2

This isn't going to be easy, you kind of forget all the little things you need to buy on a daily basis.
Steps i took in meeting my target include bringing lunches into work and shopping in aldi.  Unfortunately,
im a bit of a health nut and good quality wholesome food is relatively expensive.

Bus to work: 1.85
Chemist:        9.51
Groceries:     11.40

Total spend:  22.76.

Verdict:  Very Bad!  Its a pity i have to eat!  will have to scrimp a lot to make up for today, and im
going to the cinema tomorrow evening.  I have and uphill battle to make the 100 euro a week limit.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dublin Library Diva Challenge

Is it possible to live on a budget in Dublin?  Library Diva thinks not, as a friend once wittily put it
the 'Door tax' in Dublin is double that of the rest of the country.  High rents, transport costs and higher cost
of goods make Dublin one of the priciest places in the world to live.  In a fit of brokedom and madness,
Dublin library diva has decided to live for three weeks on 100 euro a week.  Will it be possible to stick
to this comparatively meagre amount and still have fun in the capital....

Day 1
Went to the gym this morning at a cost - 6euro
Yogurt and Fruit - 1.40 euro
Bus to and from work - 3.70 euro

Total spend for the day - 11.10 euro.

Verdict:  Not a great start to the challenge- will have to do better!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Shopping on a shoestring

Library Diva is in need of a shopping fix, but after 2 months of gigs, festivals and weekends away
funds are slow.  Is it possible to get jeans, tops, dresses and 2 pairs for shoes and socks for under
200 euro?

Shopping List
Tops for work
Flip Flops
Shoes for work

200 euro


Irish Cancer Society: Located in Rathmines, this charity shop is a gem for bags and dresses.
Today i picked up a brand new Urban Outfitters tunic for 8 euro and a summer sweater for 3 euro.
Total spend 11 euro.  Number of items 2.

Enable Ireland: Camden street branch.  Today I picked up a green river island short sleeved
sweater for 6.95 euro.
Total spend: 6.95 euro. Number of items: 1.

Irish Cancer Society:  Known for its eye-catching window displays, this Georges street shop is
always buzzing with activity.  Vogue favourite NYD's tummy tuck jeans cost 6 euro.
Total spend: 6 euro.  Number of Items: 1.

Oxfam:  A large vintage section and close proximity to boutiques and high street shops
ensures a large quantity of high quality goods to peruse.  A brand new Vera Moda
black cocktail dress was bought for 15 euro. 
Total spend 15 euro.  Number of Items: 1.

H&M: 1 pair of black leggings was purchased to pair with my new tunic.
Total spend: 6.95 euro.  Number of items: 1.

So far, so good, have managed to acquire jeans, tunics, tops and a cocktail dress for

So far so good, I have managed to acquire jeans, jumpers, tunic, dress, leggings for 46 euro.
Score Mor! However, i still need to buy 2 pairs of shoes and having size 9 foot means that I
often have to pay over 100 euro for one pair of shoes.  This means that i avoid buying shoes
until the soles are falling out of them!
Luckily for me Cinderella shoes, a specialised large shoe boutique are having an end of season sale. woohoo!

Cinderella Shoes: 1 pair of flip flops was purchased for 20 euro and a pair of court shoes
was bought for 30 euro.
Brilliant! I have everything on my shopping list for under 100 euro! This means i have
only spent half my budget. Yippee, for being such a good girl, i definitely deserve a treat, so
i bought a pair of fantastically sexy red high heels for 70 euro :)
Verdict: Its definitely possible to dress stylishly on a budget.  However, to thrift shop you need
to have the time and the energy to rifle through rails of ill fitting, out of fashion clothes to get
that perfect piece.