Sunday, 14 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- week 2, day 5

Deciding that the task ahead of me is impossible, i decide to give up, and relax the
purse strings a little.  Had a lovely day at the rosanna cruthers beauty salon with a friend.
We got a sweedish massage and facial as part of a city deal offer.  Super relaxing, we both
felt like we could sleep like babies afterwards and our skin was left glowing.  Thumbs up!
A delicious meal and glass of wine in Punjab balti followed and then it was back to the house
for a couple of drinks before heading into town to dance the night away in sin e and the workmans

Gym - 6 euro
Credit- 10 euro
Dinner - 25 euro
Dvd rental - 4 euro
Two drinks in town - 11 euro
Nitelink home - 5 euro

Total spend for the day: 61
Total spend this week so far:115.23

Verdict:  Seriously overbudget but totally worth it!
The challenge for the next to days will be damage control!

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