Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dublin Library Diva Challenge

Is it possible to live on a budget in Dublin?  Library Diva thinks not, as a friend once wittily put it
the 'Door tax' in Dublin is double that of the rest of the country.  High rents, transport costs and higher cost
of goods make Dublin one of the priciest places in the world to live.  In a fit of brokedom and madness,
Dublin library diva has decided to live for three weeks on 100 euro a week.  Will it be possible to stick
to this comparatively meagre amount and still have fun in the capital....

Day 1
Went to the gym this morning at a cost - 6euro
Yogurt and Fruit - 1.40 euro
Bus to and from work - 3.70 euro

Total spend for the day - 11.10 euro.

Verdict:  Not a great start to the challenge- will have to do better!

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