Wednesday, 20 April 2011

For the sake of my jeans

After bursting the zip of my by now far too skinny, skinny jeans, i decided upon contemplation that perhaps living a more moderate lifestyle would be a good thing.  Not an easy task- as Oscar Wilde once said 'I can resist almost everything except temptation', so too is it true that i can resist almost anything except- chocolate, cake, magnums, cheese and wine.  Good for the soul but maybe not so good for my jeans!

When one is as diet shy as i am, the only alternative is exercise.  Unfortunately, im not much of a gym bunny and i don't like running (i was built for comfort, not speed).  Swimming and Hiking i love and try to do as much of as possible,but, to be honest the only exercise regime im consistent with is pilates.

I have been going to the pilates studio in Ranelagh for almost 2 years, and in that space of time i don't think i have missed more than 2 classes in a row.  This is somewhat of a record for me, a girl who has tried and dropped a multitude of excercise classes - aerobics, step aerobics, yoga, zumba, hip-hop dancing, karate etc.. I was stuck in a cycle of joining a class, paying the fee, going once or twice before getting bored.  Then i found pilates.

So, i hear you ask, what makes pilates different? 
For one thing, Helen Byrne my tutor is fantastic, she has a small number of students per class and is very good
at spotting if you are doing an exercise or a sequence incorrectly.  For another thing, Pilates is great for toning and streamlining the body. Because the core abdominal muscles are used constantly through the class, pilates is great for flattening the tummy.  I sometimes do a class on saturday morning and have a flatter tummy for going out that night.  Better than spanx!

Oh ya, and pilates is great for the improving back strength, stamina,  fitness, etc.
For more information on the pilates studio in Ranelagh and the benefits of pilates go to


  1. Cycling has been known for years and is believed to be good exercise in maintaining good muscle tone. Bicycle crunches are suitable abdominal exercises for beginners and can be taken to advanced versions to continue strengthening the rectus abdominus and oblique abdominal muscles.

  2. Thanks Hann, Iv heard spinning is great,
    Have been meaning to try it for a while.
    Might be a bit hard core for me though :)