Sunday, 29 January 2012

Come Dine With Me

Due in no small part to the popularity of narrater David Sayer, home grown come dine with me competitions
are popping up all over the country.  All you need is a kitchen, a dining area, a few friends and some understanding flatmates.  Last November myself and 6 others embarked on our own Come Dine with Me
adventure.  Here is how we got on:

The Rules:
1. Teams of 2 will be formed.
2. A camera person/ interviewer will be selected.
3. Each team must cook a starter, main course and dessert.
4. Each team must provide Entertainment.

The Players:
Team 1: Jacqui and Brian
Team 2: Sinead and Clare
Tema 3: Geraldine and Colin.
Camera woman/Interviewer: Lyndsey.

Night 1:
Jacqui and Brian hosted a murder mystery themed dinner party.

Gin and Elderflower cocktails


Morroccon spiced chicken with vegetable tagine and bulghar wheat.
Vegetable tagine with bulghar wheat.

Creme brulee with white chocolate mousse in brandy snap baskets

Cheese board and dessert wine.

Murder mystery game which unfolds over a number of rounds during the meal itself.
Each dinner guest is assigned a character.  No one knows who the murderer is.  Each
participant must listen and take note of the clues and come to a decision over who the murderer is.
Colin won the game by correctly naming Brian as the murderer.

Night 2:
Sinead and Clare hosted an Italian Godfather themed party.

Rose Cocktails

Curry soup and garlic bread

 Main Course:
Beef cannelloni served with salad
Spinach cannelloni served with salad

Chocolate cake


A godfather themed game during the dinner where each guest is assigned a character
from the film and must prove that they are loyal to the Godfather.

Night 3:
Geraldine and Colin hosted a Mad men themed party. 

Vodka and Cranberry Cocktails and Canapes

Tequila Salsa on tiger bread.

Main Course:
Boeuf Bourgignon with potato gratin and greens.
Vegetable bake with greens.

Grasshopper pie

Grasshopper cocktails.


Awards Night:
A couple of weeks ago Jacqui and lyndsey hosted an awards buffet and cocktail night.

The Winners:

Overall Award:
Jacqui and Brian.

Best Starter:
Sinead and Clare.

Best Maincourse:
Geraldine and Colin.

Best Dessert:
Sinead and Clare.

Best Theme:
Geraldine and Colin.

Best Hosts:
Geraldine and Colin.

Best Costume at Mad men night:

Columboan cigar award:

Come dine with me verdict:
The whole experience was great fun and everyone had a laugh and enjoyed themselves.
The only thing i would say is that it can be very expensive providing wine, cocktails, and 3 courses for
7 people.  Having to provide entertainment provided much amusement on the night of the dinner but took a lot of planning beforehand.  Overall we all agreed that it was a good experience but not one we would be repeating in a hurry!

The Awards!

Brian and Jacqui

Geraldine, Sinead and Clare

Lyndsey and Geraldine

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