Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Danger Overhead Powerlines

Everybody please support the very talented Mia Mullarkey in her new film Project
'Danger Overhead Powerlines'

'Danger Overhead Powerlines is a short documentary about Teresa Treacy, an elderly spinster who defies Ireland's largest international semi-state corporation, the Electricity Supply Board, to protect the thousands of trees she planted by hand. In 2006 the ESB contacted Teresa to tell her they would erect pylons along the middle of her land, which would mean cutting down several acres of woodland. However, as the last landowner on ESB's new multi-million euro power line across Tullamore in Co. Offaly, Teresa Treacy prevents the project from completion.

For nearly 6 years she has asked the ESB to put the cables underground but they have said it is too expensive. Then in late in 2011 she was sent to prison at the age of 65 for not allowing the ESB access to her land to cut down her trees. This short documentary intimately follows Teresa's experience during and after prison, giving an inside perspective that was unexplored by the national media throughout the whole event. The film documents the public's outraged response to Teresa's plight and Teresa's journey from a quiet, shy woman to a relentless fighter. '

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