Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dublin Library Diva Challenge - Day 7!

Woohoo! I made it past week one on budget and without becoming a hermit!  Living on a
budget definitely takes organisation- remembering to make lunches the night before,
shopping in budget supermarkets like aldi and lidl rather than going to convenience shops.
I have to say that i did eat very well on the budget and didn't have to resort to junk food
or cereal for dinner any night.  Eating out and coffees fall by the wayside and i haven't had phone
credit since saturday afternoon.  This is the longest i've gone without credit in years!  Socialising takes imagination as dinners out and the pub are a bit out of the question on such a small budget.

Bus to and from work: 3.70
Gym:                            6.00
Groceries:                    1.70

Total spend for the day: 11.40

Total spend for the week: 98.65
 Verdict: Within budget for week 1- Bring on week 2 of the challenge!

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