Friday, 5 August 2011

100 euro a week - Day 4

Day 4 was not such a good day budget wise.  It is really tough to stick to such meagre means and
not turn into a recluse!  When you have to think twice about going for a cup of coffee with a friend,
you know things are tight.  As one reader pointed out, some people on the dole have to live on this
amount every week which made me stop and think.

Dress from the cancer society in Rathmines- 8 euro. A bit of an extravagance i admit, but
the dress is awesome and i couldn't leave it behind me! Its 80's Madonna crossed with granny
wallpaper, i love it!

Coffee and a cupcake with a friend - 4.65 euro.

Groceries- 6.45 euro

Total spend for the day: 19.10 euro
Total spend this week so far: 63.31
Total amount left for the week: 36.69

Verdict: I think I will manage to make my 100 euro a week challenge, but to be honest,
36.69 euro is not a lot to have for an entire weekend...

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