Monday, 15 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- Week 2, Day 7

The final day of my journey, Hurrah!   I gladly pass the blog onto maeve, who will hopefully
manage her budget a little bit better than i have. 

Bus to and from work:                                                                             3.70
Fresh fruit and nuts (Its Monday, im trying to turn over a new leaf):       7 euro 
Total spend :                                                                                          10.70

Total spend this week:  137.93
Verdict:  Total humiliation, am over budget by nearly 40 euro!

I may have failed miserably in the challenge, but i did learn a little about saving money,
Here are my tips for saving a few cent.

1. Bring your lunch to work.  You will save a fortune. 
2. Forget the take away coffee- a jar of instant costs 3 euro.  Go figure.
3. buy fresh food and cook from  scratch.  Instant ready meals and take-aways
eat money.
4.  Try shopping in aldi or lidl for a change, the brands sound funny, but the quality isn't bad
especially for things like frozen veg, cheese and  household cleaners.
5.  Bought my toiletries in lidl/aldi and was surprised by how cheap they were.
6.  Take a look in charity shops, you might be surprised by what you find.  Maeve picked
up a tent for 8 euro in the cancer society shop, Rathmines.
7. Join the library, its free to join and all the books you can read and films you can watch.
8.  Relive your student days and get friends round for drinks before heading out.  Its usually
the best part of the night anyway.
9.  Look out for restaurants that offer early bird deals and are BYOB.  Dublin's library diva
loves Seagrass on portabello bridge, Punjab Balti in Ranelagh and Rotana Cafe, Camden street.
10. Buy yourself something nice with all the money you've saved.

I, Geraldine Whyte, a.k.a Dublin's library diva pledge to support Maeve on her 100 euro
per week challenge.  To live frugally yet stylishly from this day forth.

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