Sunday, 7 August 2011

100 euro a week challenge- Day 6

Upon hearing of a free classical music event on in the people's park, I roped a few friends into
heading down to Dun laoghaire.  I love Sunday in Dun laoghaire. The Sunday farmers market in the people's park is brilliant, with all sorts of fresh and artisan foods on offer.  After a walk around the market, i like to take a stroll alongthe beautiful east pier or wander up to Joyce's Tower.  Unfortunately, the beauty can be hampered by the less than predictable Irish Weather.  Hungry and wet, we grabbed
lunch in a cafe and thus missed most of  the slovak orchestra that were playing in the people's park.
From what i did hear, they sounded really good, so fingers crossed this event will be repeated again
in sunnier times.

Bus to and from Dun laoghaire: 4.60
Lunch and tea: 8.15
Artisan chocolates: 1.60

Total spend: 14.35
Verdict: Not too bad for a day out with friends.

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