Tuesday, 16 August 2011

100 Euro a week challenge - Week 3 Day 1

100 Euro a week challenge - Day 2 

So taking over the 100 Euro challenge from Geraldine is going to be tough. I'm expecting to find it difficult but since i'm not good at budgeting it's a great challenge to try. 
So the week ahead includes working on Saturday; Off on Friday and doing a run in Slane on Sunday, so it will be interesting to see how I do. 

Today got off to an ok start; I shopped for all my food at Lidl and made my lunch at work; a must if i'm going to survive on 100 Euro a day.

Bus to work and home: 3.70
Lunch: 2.58
Dinner: 3.00

Total: 9.28

Verdict: Today got off to a good start. This isn't going to be easy however as I like to use the gym and go out at the weekend but will be on my best behavior!! Looking forward to the challenge now. 

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