Sunday, 17 April 2011

Vintage Fair Dun-laoghaire

The vintage scene in Dublin is buzzing at the moment.  Thanks to muscians like Imelda May and Adele, celebrities like Kate Moss and Fern Cotton and T.V. shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk empire, everyone is being inspired to turn back the clock on fashion.

Why go vintage?
Vintage shopping has a fun, raiding your grand ma's attic appeal to it.  When you enter a vintage shop, its a free for all- from the tragic to the sublime! 
The quality of vintage clothing is often far superior to the clothing you find on the high street.  We are living in an age of disposable clothing.  It is a rare treat to own an item of clothing that was made with love and care.  You can often pick up designer gear at a fraction of the retail price in vintage shops and designer swap shops.
Vintage clothes are living pieces of history, items made in the 50's, 60's and 70's have survived social, cultural and political change.

Golden Rules for buying and wearing vintage (according to me)

1.  Hunt for vintage wares in charity shops, designer swap shops, vintage fairs, vintage shops and markets.
2. Consider what you own already and pick items that would fit in well with what you own
3. Don't be afraid to bargain, not everyone will be open to selling at a discounted rate, but theres no harm in
4 Don't dress head to toe in vintage.  Mix your vintage pieces with modern clothes to avoid looking like a
crazy granny or like your off to a fancy dress party.  I have been guilty of vintage overkill in my time.  Friends of mine may remember a huge 1970's vintage coat i used to wear with a huge red vintage hat.  I thought i looked glam everyone else thought i looked like a crazy lady who keeps cats.  Its a thin line.
5. If you find something you absolutely love, jump on it before someone else does.

Vintage Fair in Dun laoghaire

Im not alone in my love of vintage judging by the massive crowds of retro fans who turned up to the  clothing and decor fair hosted in the Royal Marine in Dun laoghaire today.  A fabulous mix of hair revamps, make-up stands, make-over demonstrations and clothing and decor stands.  Unfortunately, the fair was so over-crowded it was close to impossible to comfortably have a look at all the stands present.  If anyone in the know reads this- please, please change to a larger venue next year.  The cramped surroundings really took away from the experience.

Here are a few treasure troves i discovered today!

Hems and Gem's: The shop is located in Gorey county Wexford and sells reasonably priced vintage fashions.  Check them out on facebook

Hayworth Vintage:  An Irish based on-line vintage shop, postage is free within Ireland

Maeve Brady's Vertigo Vintage:  Affordable vintage bags, hats and jewellery.  Only available
at vintage fair's

Shotsy: Brand new shop in temple bar

Some of my favourite shops had stalls at the fair:

Om diva: Probably my very favourite shop in Dublin.  Om diva specialises in revamped vintage, designer vintage and one of a kind pieces of clothing mixed with cute and quirky hats and accessories.  Check out their 6 week sip and stitch course.  Sewing and wine- it sounds dangerous but is actually great craic. I did a course with my friends and we learned plenty of tips and tricks on revamping tired clothes.!/pages/Om-Diva/293102896824.

Wild child: Check out their one kilo for 20 euro sale!/pages/Wild-Child-Vintage-Clothes/146282568762312

Of course i didn't leave the fair empty handed.  I bagged a georgeous 1970's midnight blue dress absolutely perfect for a wedding im going to in 2 weeks.  I got the dress from hayworth vintage and paid 40 euro (marked down from 45 euro- score).  I also bought a white cotton shirt with lace collar from shotsy vintage.  I plan on teaming the shirt with a pencil skirt or high waisted trousers.

Unfortunately i missed out on seeing loads of stuff due to over-crowding.  Luckily for me there is a vintage fair planned for Galway on the 19th June.  I can't wait for it!
Vintage Heaven in Dublin
a treasure trove of vintage apperal.  Can be a bit pricy but i bagged a turban for 9 euro last
november and have been wearing it constantly since.  Worth a look.

Absolutely fabulous.  Imelda May shops here, need i say more.  Lovely staff, fabulous retro dresses. Definitely worth a browse.  Very expensive, so be warned!

Om diva
Fabulous new and vintage clothing.  Check out their sewing academy.  I dare you to
enter the shop and leave without buying something!

The loft market
vintage and Irish designers.  Mix of price ranges depending on the stalls.  Some of the stalls
cost an arm and a leg and others are very reasonable.  I love chupi.

Wild child
Deadly shop.  Check out their kilo for 20 euro sale.
Irish Cancer society in Rathmines
Small selection but great prices.  I always pop in. 

De ja vu!/pages/Deja-Vu/106167582786986
A designer swap shop in Ranelagh.  Good selection of wares.  Haggling is encouraged.

Lucy's lounge
Located in temple bar.  Great selection of good quality vintage clothing and household items.

Pretty shop, a bit on the pricy side, but they sometimes have good sales.

A new shop in temple bar.  I can't wait to visit

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