Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The 10 Euro Challenge; 10 things to do for a tenner or less in Dublin

This is a challenge we've been talking about for a while,  and it's been surprisingly easy to come up with events, gigs, and places to visit that are free or  cost  10 euros or less. We are going to keep adding to the list. If you know of any cool happenings!, gigs, exhibitions or simply great ways to spend your Sunday evenings in the city for 10 euro or less, we would love to hear about it. 
  • Hollywood Babylon - Dublin's Midnight Movie Film Club - Block T; Running Saturday fortnightly April to October 2011 and devoted to the clubs favourite 'disreputable' movies, It's 10 euros in and good fun, in Smithfield.
  • Milk and Cookis stories; Temple bar once a month for free!! A free story telling event in the Exchange in Temple Bar. Milk and Cookie Stories is a place for storytellers, experienced or not, to exchange stories, both traditional and innovative. If you feel like giving the TV a miss for a night, and hearing a great story well told instead, this is the event for you.!/milkandcookiestories.Email;

  • Galleries and Exhibitions Openings. The city is teeming with galleries; public and private. Most are free; IMMA, Hugh Lane, National Gallery, Douglas Hyde, Project Arts Centre. Gallery opening are also a free and a fun way to see  new exhibitions, while mingling with a glass of wine. Check out VAI and Circa Magazine for listings; 

  • Films and a pint at the Hacienda nights film event. This event was held monthly at the Hacienda pub off Capel street but is now a moving event. Great fun and you can vote for your favourite movie to be seen on their facebook page.

  • Bingo at the George on the Sunday;;drag, bingo and pop tunes; free in and you might win the jackpot!  

  •  Hep Cat Club Monday nights in Grande Social, Free Dance; salsa and fun in the grande Social on Monday night.

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