Monday, 19 September 2011

Rude Health 2011

Every September, well known and respected members of the health industry congregate
in the RDS to dispense information and advice on all aspects of healthy living to the public.
The main hall of the RDS is taken over to exhibitors selling goods and offering advice
on sports and therapies, the environment, food, skincare and complementary remedies.
Four lecture halls are taken over to speakers discussing a range of health related topics.
The main speakers at this years show were Patrick Holdford, Marilyn Glenville,
Jan de Vries, Bernadette Bohan, Karen Ward, and Jane Plant.

Rude health 2011 took place Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September.
Library Diva went along with her marginally more health conscious mother
to check out the event.

Who we met
My mother and I had the pleasure to meet Beibhinn Byrne, a Journalist who is often a guest
on TV3's Midday.   Beibhinn runs the Natural Food market at St. Andrew's Resource centre
Pearse Street every Saturday from 9.30am to 3pm.  For the past year my poor mother had
been wondering what oil Beibhinn had recommended people use as a detoxifying
mouthwash first thing in the morning.  Beibhinn was very friendly and approachable, will definitely be checking out her organic and wholefood market.  FYI: the oil is sesame oil.  I have started to use this oil myself.  Time will tell if it does me any good!.

Who we saw
Queues for Patrick Holdford were insane all weekend, i believe people had to
queue for almost an hour just to see him.  To be honest, i wasn't sorry sorry to miss
his show.  Am slightly cynical about all the hype that surrounds him.  Most of his advice
sounds good- eat well, drink water, take supplements, exercise and fresh air, but some
of it seems a little avaricious especially in his promotion of very expensive products.

Marilynne Glenville- a specialist in women's health.  Dr. Glenville uses both mainstream
and complementary medicine in her practice.  Myself and my mother went to her talk on
'7 supplements important for women's health'.  FYI: Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and
probiotics are the important ones.

Jan de vries:  A fountain of wisdom and generosity, i always enjoy seeing Jan de Vries. An expert
in herbal medicine, naturopathy, osteopathy and reflexology,  This man has written more books than he can remember and takes a very simplistic view of health and well being- good food, good water, fresh air and maybe some echinacea.  My motherand I went to see his talk on 'coping with stress and anxieties'.   Inthis talk, he discussed the
importance of sleep and relaxation.
Tip 1:
Place your left hand on your forhead, place your right hand on the opposite side of your head.
Sit up tall, breathe in to your abdomen through your nose, breathe out through your mouth.
This is a tip for centreing the body.
Tip 2:
Place your left hand under your navel, place your right hand over your navel.  Sit up tall,
breathe in to your abdomen through your nose, breathe out through your mouth.  Repeat.
This is a tip to help you to sleep.

What we liked:
Cathy's Spelt for health
Bread mixes to make your own spelt bread at home.  Tried out their multigrain
bread mix, very easy to make and tasty to eat.

Foods of Athenry
A Galway based family company producing natural breads and treats.
Library Diva wishes their breads were easier to get in dublin!

Natasha's living foods
Sells cakes and treats made from raw cacao, cacao butter,
agave syrup and other healthy things.  Her cakes and treats are raw and
sugar free, yet are strangely rich and tasty.  Check out her stall in temple bar market
on Saturday, in the people's park, Dun laoghaire and selected health food stores.
Library diva spotted her cakes for sale in Accents coffee shop a couple of weeks ago.

What we were dubious about:
Cherry active juice
20 - 30 euro for a bottle of juice- who are you trying to kid?

350 euro for a blood test your doctor hasn't ordered?  Why?

Rude health 2011 was buzzing with life, and people and interest.  Its great that people are getting
more and more interested in their health and well being.  Each year, the Rude health showcases and
informs the public on a dizzying array of disciplines, principles and products.  Cant wait for next
years show!

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