Monday, 5 August 2013

Ferocious Mingle Marcade

Last Friday I was wandering around Thomas Street in search of  a market or a charity shop where one could get some stage appropriate attire for Healyfest.  I was beginning to think that my search was in vain when I happened across something special - The Ferocious Mingle Marcade.  A smorgasbord of hipness where you can get retro computer games, watch a silent movie in the arcade theatre, listen to rock music, browse vintage clothes or people watch over a coffee in Oscar Verne's.  Definitely worth a visit.  Here's the facebook link to find out more:


  1. Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you for your review of your visit, we love it when people have a Mingle experience when visiting. If you are coming back to us we have moved - to 60 Camden Street. We have taken Oscar, our various traders, our cinema/stage and, of course, our eclectic ambiance and opened our doors on one of Dublin's liveliest and atmospheric streets. You will see Prince Fez Bo Mingle sitting pretty in our window. Make yourself know to us and we will give you the guided tour as well as complementary offerings from Oscar Verne's Coffee Bar.



  2. Hi Eamonn,
    Im really glad you liked the post. I really love the ferocious mingle marcade and cannot wait to visit you im your new home. Looking forward to meeting you all :-)