Friday, 17 February 2012

To speed date or not to speed date?

Last Tuesday, myself and a few friends rocked up to the free speed dating event in the gutter bookshop as part of the 'make a date with Dublin' Valentines festival.
 Thinking it would be a bit of craic on a Tuesday night.  Not so.  It seemed word hadn't spread to the male population of Dublin, with only 2 men turning up for  20 women.  We fled the scene before things got ugly, so im not sure if the night developed into a 'take me out' style competition or if the  men were shared out among the women equally, with everyone getting to take home a limb.

This had not been my first foray into the world of speed dating. I first gave speed dating a whirl last summer.  Myself and a friend of mine went along to a speed dating night in the Church last summer.
Talking to someone for 3 mins may not seem like a very long time, but in some cases it can be too long!
Over the course of the night, i met a guy who wasn't able to look me in the eye and kept looking at his watch, next was the man who spoke about himself for 3 minutes and didn't ask me a single question.  He may not have known my name, but i knew what his favourite walks around balbriggan.  Then there was the man who insulted my profession, followed by the snobby television producer, and last but not least, the clearly gay man who only went along to the event to steal tips for his rival dating company.

Tho answer the question: to speed date or not to speed date? i will say not.

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